Consider It A Privilege To Play Live Dealer Roulette At Global Live Casino As It Is Out-Of-This-World!

One of the most important things roulette lovers look for online is the percentage of bonuses offered by casinos. This is what gives online casinos an advantage over their land-based counterparts. Even the most discerning players shifted their focus to online gaming purely based on the extra money they can win here.

With the advent of live gaming, where players get to play at a real land-based casino, sitting in front of their computers at home or office; many more gambling enthusiasts have taken up playing live roulette games online. Global Live Casino offers bonuses to players of both the traditional online casino games as well as live games.

The major attraction of these people is the ability to play live dealer roulette at a real casino using the casino's advanced Distance Gaming technology, while enjoying the excellent bonuses on offer. With a 100% first deposit bonus and a 50% second deposit bonus, there is no way players are going to give up on this opportunity.

Other than these most welcoming bonuses, there are also regular daily bonuses where players can get up to 15% on each and every deposit they make into their casino account.

Distance Gaming technology allows players to view and participate in a real roulette game being played at a traditional brick-and-mortar casino. They are taken back to their favorite mode of gambling at the real-world casinos where live dealers and players in tuxedos await them. Online players have a great advantage, as they don't have to travel far to sit in a smoke filled casino room. They can play at that very table in the casino right from their homes. If you've never played live roulette at Global Live Casino, then this is an experience you should not be missing.