Play Aces and Faces Video Poker for Real Money

Aces and Faces video poker is provided by the gaming giant known as Playtech. This game is a phenomenal entry-level game for players who are only beginning to understand video poker. The Aces and Faces game is a lot like the more traditional Jacks-or-Better, but the primary difference is that the winning hands that can be created differ quite a bit from the norm.

Why it is Popular

Aces and Faces video poker is a popular choice among new players because there is always the chance to turn a dull, non-winning hand into a true winner. Overall, the game is easy to play and gamblers can stretch their money fairly well with games such as this. Video poker is a long-time online casino favorite, and the Aces and Faces offering from Playtech continues this trend. Even seasoned gamblers enjoy the different gameplay 'feel' that this game brings to the table.

Gameplay Basics

Anyone who is even remotely familiar with traditional poker should have no trouble picking up Aces and Faces. Players are encouraged to seek free variations of the game before they play in an online casino for real money. This way, they can become familiar with the game before ever making a real-cash investment. To get started, players will simply choose their bet amount--between $0.01 and $0.25--and then click the 'deal' button.

How to Play

After clicking the 'deal' button, players will be given five virtual cards. They will then need to take the time to review these cards very carefully, comparing them to the pay table that is provided in the corner of the screen. While there are many various hands that players can create for a win, none of them is as profitable as a hand full of Aces and face cards; this is how this video poker variant gets its name. Players will have one opportunity to return any cards that they do not want for new cards in an attempt to obtain the highest-paying hands possible.

While there are some players who use a strategy when they play video poker, many are satisfied with simply sitting down and letting the virtual cards fall where they may. Even those who have never experienced the excitement that is online video poker will have no trouble picking up on the rules of Aces and Faces.